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Lecture on Early Homo

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Genevieve Dewar

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Early Homo Tools and BrainsDevelopment of language lead to Asian European or African OriginscultureTime LineDarwin and Africa believed that human descent was from Africa Miocene a lot of different agesbecause the number of apes in Africa Robust1 in South Africa and numerous looked more like usin east Africa all are bipedalDubois and Java man he saw more Pleistocenegreat ice age 25 myasimilarities in orangutans in Indonesia Early homo habilis same time as After 4 years strted searching river Africanus and robust formsbanks Middle right big brain bone femur how tall it isbipedal because the head is big and angle oldest fossil java manhomo erectusEuropePiltdown man Have same features as human but jaw still ape like Tuned out to be a hoaxIt was a human skull with orangutan jaw Looking at fluorine in jaw and skull It was different therefore could be together Before they realized it was hoax Dart found Taung ChildWe have pictures of brain foldsPpl expected it to look like Java and Piltdown man therefore thought it wasnt part of human ancestorBut after Piltdown was proved false they realized taung child was part of our ancestorPliocenePleistoceneice ageOlduvai Gorgeearly HomoLeft 20 million years agoLeakeys Louis and MayGradual cooling in Africa getting dryer7m below med I 2117 MYARight yellowice 2 million rapid Dear Boy OH 5 tools and animal changebonesPlants and animals deal with constant Beds I IIHomo Habilispunctuated equilibriumIn between form of Australopithecines and Homo erectusStudies of hand bonesprecision griptrue handy manDear boy was thought to be missing linkLookin at new homos hand it was found to be first humanOH24 TwiggyOH5 dear boy
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