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Anthro lecture 8111130 325 PM Geographic range of nonneandertalArchaic homo sapiens homo heidelbergensisRegional continuity model or mulitiregionalism Archaic homo sapiens are the people in Asia There was a gene flow in the populationComplete replacement model or out of Africa All the other population from Asia Europe was replaced bypeople in from AfricaPrediction for the Fossil record Regional continuity modelo Anatomically modern homo sapiens appears at a similar time in mulitiple places o There is evidence of intermediate form in all geographical areas o The first anatomically modern specimens share features with earlier occurring hominies in each areComplete replacement modelo Anatomically moder homo sapiens appearsOmo I ehiopia19500 years oldest know anatomically modern human it has all the features that differenticat us from homo erctsthe chin narrow browAmud 1 Neandertal from Israel 70 000 years old older than some of the neantheral in that areaSkhul 5 Anaromically modern human from Israel 115 000 yearsLargar Velho 25000 years old Portugual neandertal modern human Love childLiujiang anatomically modern67000 years may be from china
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