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Anthro lecture 9 week 10 111130 326 PM The three age system1Stone agePaleolithic old stone age lower middle and upperMesolithic middle stone age Neolithic new stone age 2Bronze age 3 Iron ageUPPER PALEOLITHIC Starts around 50 000 years agoThey appeared around earlier in other parts of the worldthan Europe and A lot of upper Paleolithic revoluation happened in Africa Characteristic of upper Paleolithic1more refined stone tools especially bladesthese changes occurred a lot in upper Paleolithicfirst evidence of rapid change in technological changethis is what we consider to be a common Blade is a placethat is at least two times long as it is wide long thin blade o It maximizes the sharpeness o Blades are made by taking of the top part of the rock o And then they are plealed of the the rock very thin o Ealiest blades tool come from an area in Kenya Baringo Basin 509 000543 000This is very old and it predates that pre modern human changesIn Africa toold from Klasies River mouth south Africa 100 00 years old We dont get the in the samefrequences Chtelperronian tool industry associated with late Neanderthals and humansAdded blades and bone tools to Mousterian The gravettian 27000 to 21000 o Smaller blades and denticulate kniveso Denticulate tools
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