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Lecture 2

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Genevieve Dewar

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ANTA01Lecture 2 y Optional workshop BV 515 94 y 5 basic ways of evolution o Natural selection o Adapt to environments o Inherited o Variety exists in individuals o Sexual selection y Horsedonkeymule Mulemule cant breed because mule is sterile Same for tigerlionliger y Shared behavior traitsgiraffes mating with one from another culture y Humans can get beyond cultural and have variation y Evolution after Darwins book Origin of Species that went against what people thought of at that time y Oct 23 4004 BC 9am when earth was created according to genesisy Rock shifted on side and new rock formed Stratigraphyy Processes we see today occurred in the pastuniformitarismy Lyell looked at sediment deposition Said the present is the key to understand the past y Current estimation of earth is 49 billion years y Look at similarities and differences of species First to classifyLinnaeus 7 classifications Genus and species y Conflict between reality and what story said y Discovery of stones People knew how to use stones at birth stndrdy Lamarck said 3 thin
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