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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Genevieve Dewar

Lecture 9 ththy 18 and 25 workshopsMore human like y Classic Homo erectus form in china High end of cranial capacityy Homo ergaster earliest of these forms in Africa most come from east Africay They are on lower end of cranial capacity because they are developing y Pay attention to skull formation long lung vaults and another key trick is back is almost pointy Key trait used to identify themy Now that they have fire they can stay past sunset and have time to discuss things and interact on a social level y Interesting jump in what there doing with their dayNarikatome Boy y One of best specimens we have of early erectus forms he is early y Based on epiphyseal and dental we can say he is about 12 years and much taller and average Homo sapiens y Equatorial body plan When you live in equator you want to be tall and thin so you can increase surface area to take up less space to sweat y He has interesting feature in back of neck Extra muscle to hold head because they are good at long distance running than Homo sapiens have ever beenTool industry y Has to knock out 100s of flakes to make symmetrical tools y No idea what they used for y We find them in old world in everyone except eastern most china y Evidence of leap in cognition based on abstract y Think they would of used indirect percussion which requires more precise hand grip than early Homos y It lasts 1 my we cant say that about other tools without changing for a million years The only difference is we see in size Maybe it was socially symbolic y Unlike oldewan we dont know what they were doing with theseOut of Africay How they got in Eurasia is Saharan pump which is a theory that as we see expansion of savanna even Sahara desert would have become grassland y Grassland would have spread across to middle east They wouldnt know about borders y Mediterranean is lower because its dryingy Sahara pump works by following in savage grassland and things are happening rapidly drying and cooling so while the grassland were lush they would live between northern Africa and middle east and grassland would contract making them go to middle east and pump to Eurasia
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