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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Genevieve Dewar

Lecture 10 y Final is like midterm Cumulative but pay more attention to after midtermPopulation movements and cultures y By 40000ya most of the Old World was inhabited only the extreme north was not y Upper Paleolithic cultures y Typically identified on tool types y Blade based tool industries length 2x width y First arrival in EuropeAurginaciany Differentiate between upper Paleolithic and early Paleolithic oldowan and middle Mousterian y North artic is missing These first cultures are called upper Paleolithic culture Aurignacian 35 to 27kya in Western Europe y Long sharp cutting tools engraving tools burins y And stone scrapers y Cave arts and status makingy Peaking into Asia and boundary of Siberiay One side is sharp and the other to remove animal Hyde y Swiss army knife tool typeGravettian 27 to 21kya in Western Europe y Developed in Europe y Smaller blades y Denticulate knivescutting tools with pointed projections along their cutting edges y Also boom in artistic expression y Known for explosion of artistic style Cave art explosion and Venus womeny Fox canine y Blade is smaller than previous tool y They start making denticulate saws Knocking flakes along edges Solutrean 21 to 16kya y Exquisite bifacially flakes symmetrical leaf shaped projectile points y Crestantship in tools y Thin bifacial points that are extremely long y Made out of green flint or churt y Made by fire treating They heated it Magdelanian 16 to 11kya y Very small micro blades y Bone and antler tools y Produce tools and landscape in four sight for Neolithic revolution
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