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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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Genevieve Dewar

Lecture 11 y SLIDE 2 y All about access to wealth Began 9000 years ago Clustering of cities in various landscapes Very important points As a consequence of shift to food production first abundance of anything food First source of wealth Ideological When religion starts to get powerful Not just powerful rulers and chiefs but also priests who try controlling food excess y SLIDE 3 y Specialization of labor Other than farming other jobs starty Development of formal governmentsy First evidence of writingrecord keeping y SLIDE 4 y Its like a positive feedback loop Once agriculture begins crops that people tend we have innovative ways to be efficient and food abundancey Civilizations develop quickly because of plow draft animalswheel can get raw goods from far away to city Increasing efficiency in food productionbeing able to bring it from far y Not everyone has to be involved in food production y Gives others a chance to be other job people than farmers that were not found in the past y SLIDE 5 y Clear pattern of social hierarchy Pyramid scheme with high priestking at the top with small class of elites below and food producers are the very bottom y Being able to produce food becomes the lowest level overtime One person controls everyone else y We typically see religion Societies with single king develop monoreligion If there oligarchy there are groups of Gods y SLIDE 6 y Government develops through 2 ways Know this for exam y 2 paths to power when you think of it coming from egalitarian huntergatherer to fullblown city state where there is one kingy Big men chiefs developed They are given power because they are good at something excellent hunters warriors etc this is called authority People respect them Then the second type of power which is completely different is rank This is where you are born into your position bloodline y Understand different between authority no passing on power you earn it vs rank you get it based on bloodline y Dont get this until we get big population and multiple levels of society y With the idea of rank there is coerciony SLIDE 7 y Artists scribes permanent military force Before everyone did their part for society
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