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Genevieve Dewar

Walking With Cavemen y Earliest toolmakers y Go back 3 million years to see apes become human y Austropolitheicus Lucy story Filling up with water is an important task in the morning Something that sets these creatures apart from any another others they can stand and walk on two legs y 25 years is the prime and 50 years is the oldest Leaders strength that holds the group togethery Lucy and her kind are the ancestors of us y Lucy is 22 and mother to a new infant and several others y Lucys group has been invaded Losing their leader makes problems y 2 groups of apemen looking for females If they see a female like Lucy they will kill her y Intruders arrive in numbers and there is a face off No blood shed because there is water y Further back in time before aparenziz Were still in Africa 8 million years ago Ancestors of Lucy and her kindy Use hands and feet like modern apes to move around We know this is true because it is the only way to get around in their dense forests We know this is their forest because Africa is covered in this foresty Ocean floors moving changing the phase of the earthy Great rift valley through one side of Africa Every species had to keep with thisy Why use two feet Lucy can stand taller and further but that also means everything can see her Black eagle can take baby apey Walking on two legs became part of our lives for raising babies The males returned and tired because of face off with intruders Now they groom and build relationshipsy Sex and raising baby is the key to survival y Anything that gives you extra energy is better Extra energy is what it is given aparenthizy Lucy can have one more baby and this one more species can mean survival or species of extinction y To become dominant male you need help of groupy Lucy is a highranking femaley Fight for leadership and opposite rival troop takes Lucys baby and comes to their area y Infant is forgotten because of the fight but Lucy is the only one that remembers the baby She wasnt quick or clever when getting the baby and diesy Lucys elder daughter takes the baby and if she takes cares of the baby it will survive y To apes they will adjust to her death y To us she will be found in Ethiopia and it is a step in becoming us
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