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Mary Silcox

thNovember 7 2011Homo Erectus18 mya27000years ago y Travels from Africa all the way to Europe and Far Eastern Asia y Still fairly long way from modern humans although they were pretty developed as well Homo heidelbergensisArchaic homo Sapiens 850000200000 y In between homo erectus and homo sapiens intermediate species Homo Erectus average cranial capacity 900cc thick cranial bone y Sagittal keel y Sloping forehad y Supraorbital torus y Nuchal torus Homoheidelbergensis will have a mix of these traits and more modern traits y They extend the full range that the homo erectus expanded Homo erectus didnt make it till western Europe until very late or whether they even made it to Europe Their distribution is as far as you can get by walking over the whole worldBodo y Arachia homo sapiens specimen from east africa 600 000 years ago y Has slight keel massive supraorbital ridges low cranial vault with receding forehad y Larger creanial capcity of 1300 cc though y Evidence of defleshing from toolmarks on the zygomatic bone These tool marks were from before death and burial Parimortem around the time of death Cannibalism No not a good area less meato Secondary burial Once an individual dies and you bury them you clean off the bones and leave behind tool marks in the process Defleshing for the purpose of something other than cannibalism makes sense considering where the toolmarks are This
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