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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Mary Silcox

Lecture 11 Pleistocene 18 to 10000 years ago Latter part is sometimes referred to as the ice age Intense cooling Ice sheets covered north America Halocene timpe period epoch starting 10000 years ago and continuting to the present The cultural state is the neolithic Geological time periods not cultural phasesy Epipaleolithic was from the near east terminal period of paleolithic y For north America we call it the archaic period y The mesolithics were not agriculutralists But they have traits that precede transitions that are important as popiulations start to develop agriculture Sedentary starting around this time period Agriculture was sucessul Inherently positive thigns It was everwere Franchthi cave y continuous sequence of depoists from the latest plaolithic meoslithic and Neolithic y Can document stages in transition where the Mesolithic forms an immediate stateg in the upper paleolithic living in smaller groups transition to a more sedentary in the Mesolithic and the agricultural life style is sedentary in Neolithic Large fish bones from the Mesolithic of franchthi cave probably clubbed or spears Neolithic fish hooks from Franchthi Cave Fish bones Mesolithic is stepping stone to neolithic as to what we think of culture and stages Cultural period in Europe at the end of the peistocene and before the beginning of the agricultural revolution Eurocentric Really Mesolihtic tools y Microliths y Make portions of tools replacement parts Small tools that form composites of larger tools y Some ground stone tools o Grind rather than flake Neolithic new stonge age dates from perhaps 11000 years ago varies from place to place not everywhere 3 major uclutral changes
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