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Mary Silcox

ANTA01 thOctober 24 2011Dont need to really know dates that havent appeared on slides No need for birth and death dates Should know hutton before lyell buffon before Darwin Homo erectus y 18 mya 27000years ago o Some sites have produced homo erectus in java from very late in time Relictual Pocket of remaining erectus For a fairly long time we had two species of homo living at the same time but not in the same places y Travels from Africa all the way to Europe and Far Eastern Asia y Eugene Dubois o Person most important to providing evidence for human evolution and the early study of the features in questions Thought to look in asia Went to Indonesia formally dutch east indiesWas successful in java Critical finds in trinil were a femur Originally named pithecanthropus erectus Reflects that humans have knocked knees that provide us the ability to move properly Exostosis pathological feature This muscle had a muscle tear which caused bone to generate on the surface of the femur Was very painful Skull cap showed morphology between a chimpanzee and neandertalThese findings are 30 years before all the African stuff y Davidson Black Canadian involved in discovery of homo erctus fossil at Zhoukoudian o Quite complete material excavated o The homo erectus that lived at Zhoukoudian were short stocky people who contrasts with today o In cave in china 670000410 000 years ago o Lost materials o But the materials were molded Have a good idea of what they looked like Classic homo erectus suite of features that we look for when looking for homo erectusKey features of homo erectus y Cranial capacity of 900cc homo habilis were 800 y Smaller than modern human larger than any preceeding species y Thick cranial bone compared to modern humans sloping foreheads In modern humans this is more vertical y Sagittal crest No they have a rounded lump in the midline No the same thing as a crest Homo erectus had a sagittal keel
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