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Mary Silcox

Lecture 12Civilization have 7 categorizations that we look at to call something a civilization y Occur mainly in places where we had early agriculture First civilizations seemed to start there y Fertile crescent cshaped region around the end of the medeterian sea Riversy Mesoptoania one of the first civilizations Urik 5500 first city y Cradles of civilzaiotn Early agriculture areas y 7 defining characterisitcs1 Densely populated settlements a Prior to upper paleolithic they just lived in random cmaps In the upper paleolithic we saw the first evidence of more permanent dwellings 50 people living in the same place Some sense of the probably population density Tsuwatsi their population density was 41 people per square mile 24 people per mile Very low density With the development of agriculture people become more tied to patches of land became more sedentary increases of population dnesity this is why the civilizations startd where agriculture happened Increased the carrying capcity of those pices of land i Teotihuacan aincient city at e height was around abougt 22001350 60 miles from mexico city Quite close to emxico city Large complex of pyramids and other buildings Had something like 100000 people Cinredibly increased number of given people Covers 77 miles compared to requirement of 24 miles per person in modern hunter gatherers increased oppulation numbers in terms of the number of epple linving in ap articular area at ap articular time1 Development of irrigationwas critical In Mesopotamia a cirtical lelement of development was around irrigation Increased carrying capacity2 Food labour surplus controlled by an elite a Capable of creating more food per person than each person needed Food surplus Within a context of a given group of people they could produce more than they themselves oculd eta Dont have to be faremrs Arhccaeological record Things for storing food surplus We know civilizations like ancient Egypt had granierss something you only need if you have a food surplus If there are people who give their time to other than producing food there was also a labor surplus There wold have been craft specialists as well Could then have social stratifciatoin
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