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Lecture 10

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Genevieve Dewar

Analysis of a Specimen Homo Sapiens 110919 919 AMAnatomically Modern HumansFossils appeared 200 000YAFrom SE AfricaRecent find in E Arica confirm 200 000 YAGlobular skulls chine etcAMHS Early FossilsOmo 1had chinforehead o 195 000YAHerto2 skulls older manchild o 165 000 YA o aka H IdaltuKlasies River MouthForehead mandible jaw o S Africa o 125 000 YA Population MovementsSW Asia 100 00 YAReaching EuropeAustralia by 50 000 YANA Moved into Asia into Europe and in Australia 50 000 YAAmerica RFOMultiRegional HypothesisDistribution of AMHS by 60 000 YAGene flowMulti regional idea Gene flow maintained a single species which is why we are able to be H SapiensOOA says there was NO gene flow They just left Africa and replaced all other speciesGenetic StudiesMore genetic diversity in Africa than anywhere else in the world theyre been adapting longer than any other place o Supports OOA 2Krings et al 1999Supports OOA 2We havent changed since NO gene flowLast contact was with neandertalsPaabo et al 2010Had decoded entire Neandertal gene codeCompared to modern human DNA o Compared to everyone NOT African 14 similarity o No similarity to AfricansConfirms OOA2 theory as the most accurate other sideOnly looked at samples that fit their modelQuestions their scientific integrityHomo sapiens developed in Africa and moved out colonizing the old worldTool TechnologySame as Neanderthals for a long time100 000 YAstill using same as long time ago in EuropeUpper Paleolithic Revolution UPRArt idelology religionCollective emergence of colourTheory of a mind revolutionfound in FranceSpainGreat Leap ForwardMutation in the brain based on seafood in the diet Omega Fatty acids o PROBLEM that would mean that those without access to seafoodo How can you prove theres a genetic mutation in the brainThe List
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