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Lecture 9

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Genevieve Dewar

Homo erectus and the Archaics 110919 918 AMAdaptation to different aspects weather location biological adjustmentMore Human LikeHomo ErgasterHomo Erectus19earliest findings Lake Turkana AfricaLong low brain case prominent brow ridges largemuscular jawClose to human not quiteUse of firecontrol of fire o Elongates the day for the humans social aspect of culture brings people together in the evenings protection place to cook development for social behaviorNariokatome BoyMost complete skeleton12 years old approxtaller than modern humanswell adapted to equatorial lifelived in warm environment increase area of skin to maximize release of heatmost of this species are taller than us efficient running machines almost same brain capacityTool IndustryAcheulian 13 MYADevelopment of large ornate symmetrical byfaces worked on both sides identicalLeap in cognitive thinking o Have to imagine final productexecute plan also need to be able to teach the next generationDexterous hands precision grips maybe a soft hammer techniques use something in between rockrockLasted over 1MY with no change In Africa EuropeAsiaNo idea what they were used for
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