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Lecture 11

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Genevieve Dewar

Origins of Agriculture 110919 920 AM Holocene10 000 YATriggering of the melting of glaciers starting to drown out the coastlinesIncreased warmingintroduction of new plantanimalsOpening up new areas for vegetationDevelopment of the seasons o Prior to world was a tropical forestPleistoceneHoloceneShift in available species on the planetExtinction of mega faunaDevelopment of localized cultures as different responses to change odevelopment of different local cultureschange in tools and nonutilitarian items o expandbroaden diet o some regions with a lot of resources caused less mobility o narrowed dietPlains HuntersMost wellknown continuation of archaic lifeFocus on the last of the mega fauna large game huntingThin belt buffalo beltThe Desert westThe bison begins to die out harsh environmentHighly mobile smaller groups spread out and use all resources possibleHeavy reliance on seedsDevelopment of new ways baskets grindstonesEastern North AmericaWooded environmentdiverse animals availablePeople were able to become more sedentary due to many resourcesBounty allowed them to become very complexInuitAleuts
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