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Genevieve Dewar

Chapter 6 Notes Primate CharacteristicsProsimians Members of a suborder of Primates the suborder Prosimii pronounced prosimeeeye Traditionally the suborder includes lemurs lorises and tarsiersAnthropoids Members of a suborder of Primates the suborder Anthropoidea pronounced annthrowpoideeuh Traditionally the suborder includes monkeys apes and humansPrimate CharacteristicsCommon traits body hair long gestation period after birth mammary glands different types of teeth ability to matain body temperature increased brain size ability to learn thingsPage 120122Evolutionary FactorsArboreal livingAdaptive niche The entire way of life of an organism where it lives what it eats how it gets food how it avoids predators etcOver time diet shifted towards omnivoryNew world primates Mexico Central America and parts of South AfricaOld world primates Africa India Southeast asiaPage 129Lemurs and lorisesMost primitivethey are more similar to earlier mammalian ancestors than are the other primatesEyes are placed more to the sides of the faceLemursFound only in the island of MadagascarEat wide variety of foodMost are arboreal but ring talied lemur are more terrestrialSome arboreal species are quadrupeds and others sifakas and indrisare ver
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