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Genevieve Dewar

Chapter 7 Notes The Evolution of BehaviorBehaviour Anything organisms do that involves action in response to internal or external stimuli the response of an individual group or species to its environment Such responses may or may not be deliberate and they arent necessarily the result of conscious decision makingWhy be SocialWhen living in groups it is easier to scare of predatorsThere is no real answerPredator avoidance is one of the reason by not the only reasonPrimate social BehaviourDominanceMany primate societies organize by dominance hierarchiesdominance hierarchies Systems of social organization wherein individuals within a group are ranked relative to one another Higherranking animals have greater access to preferred food items and mating partners than lowerranking individuals Dominance hierarchies are sometimes called pecking ordersDominance usually decreases actual physical violenceDominant animals able to exert control simply by making threatening gestureDominant male and female have greater access to food therefore produce better offspringsHighest ranking female can dominate lower ranking maleIn lemur species females are dominantSpecies that form bonded pari like indris and gibbons male snad femals are codominantCommunicationCommunication Any act that conveys information in the form of a message to another individual Frequently the result of communication is a change in the behavior of the recipient Communication may not be deliberate but may instead be the result of involuntary processes or a secondary consequence of an intentional actionAutonomic Pertaining to physiological responses not under voluntary control A chimpanzee example is erect body hair when an animal is excited Blushing is a human example Both convey information regarding emotional state but neither is
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