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Chapter 2 Lecture Notes EvolutionWhat is Evolution How does it work List at least 5 TraitsNatural selectionAdaptation to the environmentSexual selectionVariability also exists in populationEvolution works on populationSurvival of the fittestMutationGeneticsWhat is a SpeciesA group of creatures which breed together and produce viable and fertile offspringoMay be quite similar in appearance deer or quite variable dogsoMay all live in one part of the world polar bear or in many parts of the world right WalesoShare behavioral traits relating to social groups food preferences reproductive strategies etcoDistinguish between members of own species and othersoWhere do we as humans standDarwinoOn the Origin of Species published in 1859ndoOn the descent of mood was his 2 book Published after deathPre Enlighten PeriodoAccording to GenesisAdamEve creation storyoEverything made in 6 daysoAnimal men technology nothing b4 thisHistory of OriginOrigin o the Earth and therefore humans based on his interpretation of the bibleArch Bishop Ussher 1650 ADrdOctober 23 4004 BC was the beginning of earth at 900 AMBased on the bible and the different ppl he predicted earth was 6000 years oldGeology ContributesCatastrophistsGeorge Cuiver 17691832If only 6000 years old then global and violent catastrophes to explain canyons mountainsReverend Burnet 1681 AD slow erosion Water Wind and IceUniformitariansimBuffon 1749 AD to learn about the earth study of earth processes are known natural and observableHutton 1788 AD slow working uniform and natural processeshundreds of thousands of yearsLyell 1873 AD 100 000 years the present is the key to the pastReverend ChalmerUssher was wrong not the bibleThe process that exists today also existed in the past48 billion years old earthAround 1800 people started to accept that Earth changesAt the Same TimeCarolus Linneus 1758Comparative biology noticed similaritiesCategorizing the worlds plants and animals7 basic layers or taxonKingdom Phylum Class Order family Genus SpeciesBinomial SystemHomo Sapiens wise manLife on Earth had changed
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