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Week 1 Sept 13 2012 LECTURE NOTES

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Genevieve Dewar

st  November 1 is Midterm  Essay due 22 of November  Final is 40%  What is anthropology? o The study of humankind, in particular o Four fields o Other branches of anthropology  archaeology, biological anthropology, etc. o The study if human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artefacts and other physical remains.  Maritime archaeology  Historical archaeology : definition of history history involves written records, prehistory is lack of written records  Monumental archaeology  Paleolithic/cave archaeology  Biological anthropology  study of human zoology, evolution and ecology  Bioarchaeology  Bog bodies  Paleoanthropology  Homo Floresiensis = came from the island of flores  Primatology -> study of the closest mammal to humans  Socia/cultural anthropology  comparative study of human societies and cultures and their development  Linguistics  the scientific study of language and its structure, including the study of morphology, syntax, and semantics  Evolution / process and mechanisms  What makes us different from others; o Animals walking on 2 legs o Use of tools o Brain size o Development of culture, art, abstract thinking o Development of complex civilization September 13 2012 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION TO ANTHROPOLOGY  the more that we understand our biological past, the better we will understand many modern health issues o it demonstrates that modern humans are cultural and biological beings whose present and future reflect their past  humans are more unique than animals in the capacity to ask the question why o we can learn about our deep, rich past, and by doing so we gain the opportunity to profit from the experience o these qualities are fundamental motivations for the field of anthropology and for this book as an introduction to the biocultural perspective of human evolution  anthropology addresses the entire scope of the human experience and brings multiple perpectives to bear on the study of what it is to be human o it is also concerned with the biological and evolutionary dimensions of our species, such as genetics, anatomy, skeletal structure, adaptation to disease and other environemtnal factors, growth, nutrition, and all the evolutionary process that resulted in the development of modern humans  BIOCULTURAL APPROACH  o Humans are the product of the combined influences of biology and culture that have shaped our evolutionary history over the last several million years. o Culture is an extremely important concept, not only as it pertains to modern humans but also in terms of its critical role in human evolution, past as well as future o Culture shapes peoples perceptions of the external environemtn, or worldview, in particular ways that distinguish each society from all others o Cultures is LEARNED and not biologically determined  In other words, we inherit genes that influence our biological characteristics, but those genes have no impact on cultural behavior. o In infancy, each of us begins slowly to learn through the process called enculturation, the language and dialect of our family and community, as well as shared norms, values, beliefs, and other aspects of culture that we need to be a productive member of the society of which we are a part.  WHAT IS ANTHROPOLOGY? o The study of human kind o Derives from the greek word ‘anthropos’, meaning human o In the USA, anthropology comprises 3 main subfields:  Cultural anthropology (also called social anthropology)  is the study of all aspects of human behaviour.  20 century of global, social, political, and economic have changed the focus of cultural anthropolgy  Archaeology  Ph
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