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Bianca Dahl

th OCT 29 ANTA02 Mauss metaphor organism body all diff aspects of society is functionally related when global change happens legal systems etc also shiftGift exchange of material things build relationships between human beings and groups in which they are apart Learn about society and culture by how people give things away freely gift giving of own free will also dinner and friend pays gift giving something without getting something in returntheres no such thing as a free gift reciprocal exchange looking at history between 2 people over the course of time Gift giving gives rise to sequence to reciprocal exchangegift builds relationship between humans what power resides in the object given that cause its recipient to pay it back each gift gives imbalance between the two feel in debt pulled into moral relationship gift receiving isnt free in persons moral debt MORAL sense of conforming to good behaviora duty ethical thing good person will return the favorGifts entail 1 give giftsrespect generous 2 receiveshow respect to giver show that person is generous 3 returndemonstrate your honour is almost equivalent to the original giverthe 3 obligation give a mutual bond competitive strategic giving more then ones competitors gets more respect people try and out do each other ex Moral obligation getting a gift from someone youre not close to Feel obligated to be friends after social relationsgifts are moral shows peoples moralityvalentines daykey time for aggressive gift giving ex Got a gift but didnt get them one Run out and find a gift for thempower that one holds over you gift giverManaterm in polinesianpower one holds over you if they dont replicate a gift sacred impersonal force To have mana to have influence and power Something problematic Power to be the one that calls the shot
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