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Lecture 3

Week 3 Lecture

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Victor Barac

CULTURE: METHODS OF STUDY Methods of Study: Overview 1. A Brief History of Ethnography 1. Herodotus 2. Ibn Battuta 3. Jean de Lry 4. Lewis Henry Morgan 5. Franz Boas 6. Bronislaw Malinowski 2. Fieldwork basics 3. Fieldwork methods 4. Fieldwork strategy Herodotus (484 B.C. 425 B.C.) Anthropology is a social and cultural science First ethnographer We know classical ancient Greece (479-431 BC) most through his writings The Histori(circa 440 B.C.) His famous work The wars between the Greeks and Persians Greeks lived in small city statesentities and are often at war with each other Its the first attempt in western history in objective account of peoples past without mention God One of the reasons Herodotus had to develop his perspective is because he was very well tr throughout the Mediterranean The World of Herodotus He was the first to describe the foreign people non-Greeks (people who were unable to spe Greek and spoke bar-bar = Barbarians) Because of the people Herodotus described, many of them were from civilizations of antiqui e.g. Persia, India, Arabia, Egypt, Babylon, North Africa What describes his method is the use of oral history talking to people and asking about the experiences, lives, family, where they come from as opposed to the Goddess He talks to many soldiers who have fought in Persian war, spoke to many merchants, brough down things to mundane level The fact that he did base much of his work on oral history produced in some of his accounts people, distortion Herodotus is often known as father of history or father of lives because of this distortion This was globalization from Herodotus perspective, was the globe for him Ibn Battuta (1304 1369 or 1377) Moroccan judge A Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities and the Marvels of Travelling, or, The Rihla Ibn Batutt1355) A compendium of tales of travel that were recorded ascribed (told the story and someone w them out and resulted in this book) This work is notable in that its based on firsthand long term observation (travelled, lived am people)
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