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Lecture 4

Week 4 Lecture

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Victor Barac

LANGUAGE one aspect of culture OVERVIEW 1. The origins of language Language was perceived by many to be a miracle, as a gift from God 2. The biology of language 3. Descriptive grammar 1. Phonology 2. Morphology 3. Syntax 4. Semantics The Origins of Language 1. Divine theory Tower of Babel (Gen. 11) Traced from Western roots, story of Tower of Babble humans tried to build to reach God People babbling comes from this story 2. Dingdong theory Cratylus & Socrates With the dawn of modern philosophy, you get new theories Socrates credited with ding dong theory in dialogue of play-dough No natural connection between an object and a word 3. Bow wow theory Lubbock, onomatopoeia Onomatopoeia = words imitate the sounds that the objects make Bow wow = imitation of how dogs bark 4. Ouch theory Darwin, primate cries Language based on natural cries (grunt, growl, hymn, sigh) Non human language Strong theory that was held up until fairly recently, primate vocalization was the basis of human evolution 5. Evolutionary theory hominization It wasnt simply primate vocalization that led to human evolution, its more complex than that Argues that there was evolutionary process whereby primate differentiation involves bipedalism Introduces tool use is central to a culture in general for at least 2 million years ago Begin to have a manual (hand start to become important for process of evolution) Tools manufactured and language share many similar properties (e.g. sequence, repetition (tools become standardized)) Many aspects of tool use have linked to language The analysis of comparative anatomy also tells us that the evolution of tool use and the hand led to the evolution of language
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