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Week 1 Lecture

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Victor Barac

ANTA02H3Y INTRODUCTION TO ANTHROPOLOGY: Society, Culture and Language Instructor: Dr. Victor Barac ANTHROPOLOGY: Overview 1. Key Concepts 2. Five SubFields Of Anthropology 1. Biological anthropology 2. Archaeology 3. Linguistics 4. Cultural anthropology 5. Applied anthropology Key Concepts 1. Holism big background Perspective (best way to approach humanity is to look at how things interact with culture and society and what does it mean?) 2. Fieldwork microscopic focus (one subjectphenomenon) Involved in data gathering (primary information) 3. Comparison compare data Macroscopic focus, patterns between all fieldwork accounts, gives geographic range, gives temporal (time) depth 4. Cultural relativism & ethnocentrism Ethnocentrism = bias (favour of one culture); normal Cultural relativism = suspend moral judgments (understand cultures on their own terms), respect other cultures 5. Scientific anthropology [nomothetic] law-like patterns Physical sciences 6. Interpretive anthropology [reflexive; postmodern] no universal validity of science History and theology and criticism than scientific, emphasize cultural relativism (competing religionsdiscourses) 7. Basic (pursuit of academic knowledge) vs. applied research (practical outcome) The SubFields of Anthropology 1. Biological Anthropology 2. Archaeology 3. Linguistics 4. Cultural Social Anthropology 5. Applied Anthropology Biological Anthropology 1. Paleoanthropology 2. Primatology
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