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Ivanka Knezevic

SCP chapter 8 • Social stratification: the hierarchical arrangement of individuals arrangement of individuals based on wealth, power and prestige • Meritocracy: a system based upon achievement rather than ascribed status • Karl marx’s two central classes: the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. He said that society is divided into these classes on the basis of their relationship to the means of production • Marx believed that as the proletariat class develops class consciousness (awareness of workers shared interests and their ability to act on those interests) there will be a socialist revolution, eradication of capitalist economies and a new mode of production. • Webers 3 components of class stratification : class, status and power. • Weber and marx agreed that the ownership of property was important in determining a person’s position in society. Weber believed that it was not necessarily the sole determinant of one’s class position. • Weber said status can be known as prestige, ppl who have influence in society while having few economic possessions. • Weber said power is the ability to exert power or control over others despite their objections. • Davis and moore
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