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Week 7 Lecture

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Victor Barac

POLITICS OVERVIEW 1. Social Control 1. Managed to control society 2. Conflict & Conflict Resolution 1. What happens when social order is broken down? 3. Political Organization 1. Political societies are concerned with how a new government is going to influence things? Not much 2. Comes from the Greek word Poleis or Polis, which is the classical Greek term for the citystates, it meant the common wealth or the common good 3. It was conceived primarily in the city states, not the large entities Social Control all societies must deal with social order and disturbances to the social order, 1. Imperative for social order How societies bring equilibrium when they are thrown out of balance 2. Sources of disorder Natural sources, environmental things, e.g. floods, earthquakes, volcanoes Social (internal) sources: riots Disorder can be external between states Disorder can be from institution set up to promote laws (i.e. tax laws, segregation laws in the states, apartheid) 1. Pervasiveness of social control Can be subtle, everyday socialization (bringing up your kids) Can punish them or take away their privilege Everything from social norms to legal sanctions, etiquette A combination of practices and institutions and put them all together Formal (explicit, codified, defined, available to all of society) Mechanisms of Social Control LAWS define what is rightappropriate behaviour 1. Binding rules can be written and codified or oral 2. Backed by force Backed by threat of force 3. Legitimated by ideology Legal systems have to have some sort of respect to be legitimate Informal Mechanisms of Social Control 1. Socialization the process by which people acquire the culture by where people live It teaches the norms and values of society to the young People create positive attachments at an early age
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