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Lecture 2

Week 2 Lecture

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Victor Barac

CULTURE Culture: Overview 1. The Etymology of Culture The study of word origins gives you the history of words 2. Three domains of Culture 3. Culture is Adaptive 4. The Concept of Culture 5. Culture is Shared 6. Culture is Learned 7. Culture is Based on Symbols 8. Culture is Integrated The Etymology of Culture 1. From Middle English, via Middle French, via Latin cultura, via Latin colere. 2. Four basic meanings of culture: 1. Colonia (colony) = Inhabitation 2. Cultivare (to till) = To farm Culture and growing things ultimately go together 3. Cultus (cult) = Honour & worship Linked to land ownership 4. Cultura (tending something) = Tending Looking after something Luring of minds the mind is something looked after Cultura is a guide to human nature Three Domains of Culture (a source of data that counts as culture) 1. Material E.g., tools, containers, furniture, architecture, clothing, art, writing Everything that humans make Has a long duration 2. Behavioural E.g., NVC (non verbal communication gesturing, facial expression), speaking, eating, working, playing, ritual, emoting Observe people Non-tangible, its observable but it disappears, has a shorter duration 3. Cognitive E.g., rules, language, classifications, value systems, schemas, mythologies, laws Mental, internal, largely unobservable phenomenon, psychological phenomenon, (clusters of) ideas Cannot observe it but can invert ideas on the basis of material and behavior
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