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Horatio Morgan

17/01/2013 FRUIT FLY FORAGING Articles: Dekker et al. 2006 Curr. Biol.:16:101-109 Gaudry et al. 2012 Curr. Opin. Neurobiol. 22:216-222 Candidate gene approach Identify and categorize behaviour of interest from literature or database searches Backgroof interesth on gene Ben- Shahar 2005 J. Comp. Physiol. A 191:987-994 Fitzpatrick et al. 2005 Trends in Ecology and Evolution 20: 96-104 How to discover the genetic basis of a behaviour? •How is the behaviour defined? • Fly larvae live in their food, pupate on or off their food then emerge from their pupal cases as adult Sokolowski 2003 Neuron 39: 6-8 1 17/01/2013 Drosophila melanogaster •Life cycle of a fruit fly •Database: FlyBase <> D.T. and Miller, J.H. Eighth Edition, W.H. Freeman and Company NYwontin,R.C., Gelbart, W.M.,Suzuki, Foraging is a food-related behaviour •Fly larvae live in their food Sokolowski 2003 Neuron 39: 6-8 Sokolowski 2001 Nature Reviews Genetics 2: 879 Foraging trails Sokolowski 2001 Nature Reviews Genetics 2: 879 2 17/01/2013 Genetic differences Rover Sitter • E.g. Mean foraging trail length ± standard error of the mean (s.e.m) • Rover 9.2 ± 0.53 Can we recognize • Sitter 4.6 ± 0.29 inheritance patterns from one generation to the next? Sokolowski 1980 Behavior Genetics 10: 291-302; Osborne et al. 1997 Science 277:834 Asimplified model of the Female Male Type of comparison parent parent factors contributing to the S S parental expression of a R R parental behavioural phenotype S R F1 R S F1 S (S x R) Backcross to S S (R x S) Backcross to S R (S x R) Backcross to R R (R x S) Backcross to R (S x R)S Backcross to S (R x S)S Backcross to S (S x R)R Backcross to R (R x S)R Backcross to R (S x R)(R x S) F2 (S x R)(R x S) F2 (R x S)(S x R) F2 (R x S)(S x R) F 2 deBelle & Sokolowski 1987 Heredity 59:73-83 3 17/01/2013 3.19 Geneticdifferencescausebehavioraldifferencesin fruitflylarvae(Part2) Drosophila chromosomes Introduction to genetic analysis Griffiths, A., Wessler, S.R., Lewontin,R.C., Gelbart, W.M.,Suzuki, D.T. and Miller, J.H. Eighth Edition, W.H. Freeman and Company NY Foraging: cyclic GMP dependent protein kinase •Pathway for cGMP dependent protein kinase • bin/show_pathway?hsa04270 •The major transcripts of for •Osborne et al. 1997 Science 277:834 • http://f
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