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Nuerology Lec 2  Foraging could be food related; meaning that the less the food availability the more they would forage;  They put the larvae on agar (sitters and rovers) and they found the movement to be the same amount;  They put them on yeast, they found rover to be more  They put them on agar with only patches of yeast and they still found the rovers to move more  It could also be that the larvae were able to smell the food, thus some foraged better than others eg. Rovers sense of smell is better  Draw a parameter for what it means to be a sitter and a rover (forager), basically seeing how much movement will differentiate between rover or sitter  They did a study where they crossed sitters with rovers (dominants with recicive etc) to show if there was a genetic basis for the trait; eg. Rover or sitter;  They found that it was deff not sex linked; meaning that it wasn’t a difference between males and females; only controlled by autosomal; after crossing them, they found that rover was a dominant allele and sitter was rececissive; they should up at a 3:1 ratio  They eventually found out which chromosome was responsible for the rover reflex; they caused recombination with a recessive individual and that individual became more rover as a result; to prove it however, they implanted a gene that from the rover into the sitter; they saw an increase in distance traveled as a result; pkg also was shown to rise  There is also enzyme activity that goes hand in hand with rover and sitter activity; in genera
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