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Lecture 5

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Horatio Morgan

Lecture 5  Spices are grown by plants in order to fight off certain bacteria etc.  For us to put these spices in our foods means that we kill those bacteria  Salt also has antimicrobial properties  The four most potent spices, garlic, onion, allspice and oregano, killed every bacterial species tested  Spices have phytochemicals and most are thermostable so even if you cook them, they can take the heat  Because higher temperature allows pathogens to grow more, it has been observed that those regions have higher usage of spices; the usage even changes with the seasonal temperature  Highly inhibitory spices are those that stopped the growth of at least 75 percent of bacteria  In general, the strongest spices are most popular and their popularity grows as temperature increases  Plants have cellulose which is hard to break through even for bacteria, and they also have low pH which isn’t ideal for bacteria growth; this is why spices are used on meat more than on plants  Although some people suggest that spices can cover up the scent or taste of spoiled foods, they ignore the dangers involved in eating spoiled foods; this is not good to do  Spices can’t really be used for their nutrional properties when cooking with it; this is because they are not used in large enough quantities for us to have the full benefits;  When eaten in sufficient amounts, many phytochemicals act as allergens, mutagens, carcinogens, teratogens and abortifacients  Children are more prone to mutagens so it’s the reason why so many kids do not like spicy things;  Pregnenat womens immune system is depressed during pregnancy; this is why they have back up plans; vomiting etc  NVP—nausea and vomiting of pregnancy  Basically vomiting helps dispel any harmful foods; it also protects against phytochemicals (cz there mutagens as stated above); it prevents against teratogens  Embryo is m
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