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ANTA02 - Week 9 - March 12, 2013

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

ANTA02Week 9March 12 2013Race and RacismWriting AssignmentDue last week of classApril 1435 pages worth 15 Find a recent Canadian newspapermagazine article that deals with Canadian content not published in Canada that discusses about structural inequality o Provide overview of examine and demonstrate how it demonstrates structural inequalityo Double sided printing is fine include a title page Title name student number professor name lecture number TA name tutorial numbero References in triple A style and will definitely need a works cited pageKey TermsLinks Race Phenotype Physiognomy Race versus ethnicity Essential concepts of race versus DNA distribution Racial traits as arbitrary and subjective The Great Chain of Being Samuel Cartwright drapetomania and scientific racism Franz Boas and Craniometry Race and racisms Internalized racismHow do anthropologists think about race Race is a recent human inventiono Within the last 500600 years Race is about culture not biologyo Culture has given us these categories or race they are not grounded by any biological fact Race and racism are embedded in social institutions and everyday life o Racism is thought of as a bad seed of societyo They are embedded in the world around usDiscussion What is raceWhat is race How do we define itHow do you determine a persons race
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