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In search of respect

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Cultural capital is when one has understanding of culture for example primo in search for respect lacks cultural capital to work in a office because unaware of dress code for office and does not communicate in a office type of manner Also another example of this is that Bourgois did not have enough cultural capital when he was talking to the police who thought he was a drug dealer or a undercover police because he tried to explain everything to the police in proper English then later he learned from street culture that when talking to police he has to talk like primo and them Bourgois at the end had some knowledge of street cultureExample for structural agency For Primo and Cesar street culture is their structural agency Agency is embracing street culture and underground economy which can get destructive Enclave any small distinct area or group enclosed or isolated within a larger one a Chinesespeaking enclave in LondonOn a slide in the race lecture it says racial worldviews caused inequalities and not the other way around Does this mean that Europeans had racial worldviews and felt physical characteristics of natives and black people were used to justify slavery which is what caused inequalities In order for colonialism and a slavebased economy to work there needed to be a way to justify
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