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Ethical Guidelines for Research Gathering Data ethnographic methods:  Learning the language o Most important very difficult to learn a culture if you don’t speak this o Observation and participant observation fieldwork, observation and participating in research o Conversation, interviewing o Genealogical method o Life history o Survey research o Longitudinal o Multi-sited: one village and focus there but now that the world is changing they go to other places Entering the field  Gaining access, how does one gain access to a site o Gatekeepers: people or institutions which can play a role in granting you access  Formal and informal  Building relationships o Rapport and trust  Reciprocity  Gather data o Identify key informants o People with specialized or extensive knowledge Applied Anthropology  Use of anthropological data- same as text o Development anthropology o Marketing o Spying o Military intelligence?  Early Applications o Application central concern of early anthropology in Britain and US using it to govern colonies in effective and efficient ways  Malinowski: practical anthropology used to govern colonies o Contemporary military applications  During ww2, a number of American anthropologists studied Japanese and German culture  CORDS during Vietnam war  Human terrain program in Iraq and Afghanistan  Developmental Anthropology o Branch of applied anthropology focused on social issues in, and the cultural dimension of economic development  Help plan and guide policy  Foreign aid usually does not go where it is most needed Culturally Appropriate Marketing  Mcdonald’s  Ma
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