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University of Toronto Scarborough
Chris Bovaird

Week 1Encountering OthernessThe Concept of CultureAnthropologythe study of human beings human nature human society human past and human present Anthropologiststry to study human experiences in different times and different places and the try to discover what all human beings have in common and how differences have developed from that common basePsychologists political scientists and other people also study human beings butAnthropology draws different premises together such as human biologyeconomics politics and natureAnthro draws together a range of different types of data and looks at them together Anthropologists conduct research and do work in different types of societies such as peasant communities urban setting and cities multicultural corporations and nonwestern societiesAnthropology is Holistic Holismholism is a perspective on the human condition that assumes that the mind and body individuals and society and the individuals and the environment interpenetrate and define one another Therefore anthropologists study all kinds of fields to understand human nature and rely on data from social sciences humanities biology economics politics etc Anthropology is ComparativeIn order to come up with generalizations it is necessary to look at how human nature is revealed in many different places in the world Comparativemeans that anthropology considers similarities and differences in a wide range of human societies both past and present is addition to what makes us similar to and different form other speciesFour distinct subdivisions Archaeology Reconstructs ancient ways of likeLooks at social processesSpecializes in the reconstruction and analysis of past cultures Biological Anthropology Physical anthropology
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