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Lecture 7

lecture 7

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Victor Barac

ANTA02LECTURE 7 KINSHIP AND MARRIAGEMATING MARRIAGEFAMILYDomestic Life 1The organization of everyday life 2 Elements of social structure 1 the domestic economyVS political economy what one does in the household3 Basic social groupings 1 Familypeople that are related by blood or marriage2 Householdresidential unit locus of economic productionconsumptions can include kin or nonkin same sex family or chosen family some who are rejected fictive kin married with or without children OR lone parent ie in brazil uncles and aunts children but not the dad or mom they have different familyFamily Functions GP Murdochs functions of the family associated with HRAF filestSocial Structure 19491 or early attempt at cross cultural generalizationHRAF Families 1 Diminishes sexual competition 2 Protects childbearing females 3 Primary context of enculturationie how they learn to talk4 Sexual division of labourcharacteristics of early human societyThe Nuclear Familyconsists of parents and children family of orientation youre the kid and family or procreation where youre the parent1 Found in virtually all societies 2 Dominant in some of the most simplemost complex societies linked to the rise of organization creates rural social form and industrializationThe extended Familysiblings children of siblings grandparents etc1
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