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Lecture 5

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Bianca Dahl

ANTA02H3 - Lecture 5 What is this Essay About? • Rosaldo goes to this place where people are not allowed to chop people's head off even though the tribe he has visited wants to • It was Rosaldo's own experience of rage (his wife was killed) that allowed him to feel what the headhunters felt. Does Rosaldo ever explain what that reason or rationale actually is? • He never stated what the logic was because you have to simply feel it to understand it • Logic does not always help you understand something • Cultural practices don't always have a purpose, it just helps your emotions move The ethnographer as a positioned subject • What rosaldo is teaching us is reflexes Emic vs. Etic • This isn't cultural relativism vs ethnocentrism, it is something that is much more complicated • We have to try to find the balance between these two; We need to try to figure out what the insider's view (Emic) is but at the same time, try to understand the context of the outsider view (Etic) Thoughts on Witchcraft & theAnthropology of Religion Compared to Fox • Author gives you a much more comprehensive view of his thought process. He is much more reflexive than Fox and Rosaldo • Fox is one type ofAnthropological approach and tries to focus on one type of culture and organizes her box based on cultural domains • Madumo focuses on one person • You can do anthropology by looking at a huge group of people and trace patterns or deeply understand one person, as long as you understand the context Apartheid, 1948-1994 • It was a system of racial segregation and it was very rigorous • They had people divided into 4 categories based on ethnic group • Apartheid forced Black's to relocate to poorer area's • Non-white's had no political power • Nelson Mandela was this unifying symbol of hope and became SouthAfrica's first democratic president The failed promises of democracy • In Africa, the rich people in townships moved out and the poor people were left behind and could not find work to earn money • Madumo was a man who was trying to better himself through education and his education was being funded byAdamAshford. However after his mother died, his siblings wanted Madumo to work but Madumo could not find work. No matter how much Madumo tried, there was always something in education's way. • Julius Malema is an important political figure and is calling for a radical distribution of wealth. So you could say he is a huge marxist • Julius is a radical proponent that is against white people What's spiritual insecurity anyway? • It is a term that describes what kind of
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