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Hollis Moore

Anta02 lecture 2 may 15 Although anthropologists focus on making the familiar strange people describe poetry as a means of defamiliarizing ourselves in which we take for granted Other disciplines beyond literature have focused on this discipline of making the familiar strange However anthropology emphasizes both parts of this Both the familiar and the strange are central to anthropology The way in which anthropologists link the familiar and the strange describe them move back and forth between them are at the heart of the anthropological perspective Ethnography is used in at least two different senses 1 the book the product of anthropological research eg the ethnography of brothels in Mexico and 2 the ethnographic method the emersion of research of the lives and culture of people in order to comprehend the meaning they have of their existence Anthropologists then to employ the strategy of defamiliarization as a technique of cultural critique Through this profess we as anthropologists hope to disrupt common sense presumptions Often anthropological work involves a process of denaturalization revealing a phenomena that we take for granted to actually take as a product of our own culture Anthropologists seek to make their readers more conscious of difference to show that our way of doing this is not the only way let alone the best way So today through the internet and television the world has become an electronic cabinet of curiosity It seems as if nothing is strange anymore All strangeness seems to be domesticated at least this strangeness has been objectified or commodified ExamplesTV Show No Reservations by Anthony Bourdain on the travel channelEvery time you take a step in someone elses footsteps the world is a better placeTV Show Man vs WildThe Amazing RaceMichelle Obamas twitter campaign bringbackourgirlsTen Thousand villagesIn terms of the strange and the familiar anthropologists play a role in bring the strange into our familiar world We seek to put the everyday in a broader context cultivate across cultural sensibility strive to persuade the public
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