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Lecture 6

Week 6

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Hollis Moore

Week 6The social and cultural construction of reality focus on witchcraftQuestion 45how can people reorder their view of the world if it becomes unsatisfactoryDefinition Understand social and cultural construction of reality based on textbook readings We talked about how dominant groups could make profit off of smaller groups The world is a market and everything would have its place Colonial capitlists and native peoplehad clashing world views such as the world is a marketThe colonial political economy Colonial order focused on New markets extraction of material wealth profitHow was this based on This was a violent coercive process Eg in africa What happened to assimilate indigenous members Taking advantage of the system that was already in place taking away what they needed to survive away from them and forcing them into a scenario where they have to enter their own labourtaxes were an example of gaining profit profitsAssad suggesting that any description and analysis to be fully adequate must take into account the colonial account that situates it This has shaped anthropology in many ways and this is his argumentThe way that anthropologists encountered this approach What came before like pritchard served to legitimize conquest and colonization What came before was the armchair anthropologists they were the people who would interpret other peoples findings in certain waysEB tylorthis generation of anthropologists were associated with evolutionary typologies We talked about progress and foraging Early anthropologists would make categories on the basis of shared attributes They noted the difference they saw between themselves and others as difficieances Based on ethnocentric views Our progress and their lack of progress Reflected the crossculturalFor example the fur trading at fort nex perce The indigenous peoples lifestyles were thought of as obstacles that were to be overcome Its not that surprising that eb tylor why such diffiencies existed The major question interested of armchair anthroplogistswere why are they defficient They came up with the idea that the west already went through these processes If non western communities were given time they would also come up with the same discoveriesUNILINEAL cultural evolutionthe idea that all cultures need to pass through the same stages They have yet to get to civilizationOne such unilineal theory was savagry barabarism and civilization In various ways schemes like this was used to justify racist and biological determinism
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