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Week 10

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Bianca Dahl

ANTA02 Sex Gender and SexualityB DahlSex biological visible differences and sex in reproductive functionoReproductive function extremely important tie to sexoNote Sex is something we doGender social psychological and cultural meaning of biological difference every culture recognizes distinction of male and female but the meanings attached to these differences are differentSexuality sexual orientation or preferences sexual activities eg heterosexual homosexual asexual or bisexual emphasis on the having part of sex or the doing part of sexoMismatch between sex and genderassumption of different gender eg transgendered people or transsexual peopleoIdea of Hermaphroditism or those who are unclear ambiguous figuresoEg Hijras eunuch born biologically male but are dressed like women not turned into women after surgery creation of third gender considered imperfectly female not accepted as gendered female associated with Hindu goddessEarned living through lifecycle ceremoniesStigmatizedReferred to as Thirdworld people some believe that they can bless newborn babies and are the entertainments in wedding ceremoniesContradiction Nobody wants them there but a wedding is incomplete without themoBrazilian travesties that are more perfectly female than femaleTwo countries that have highest number of sex reassignment surgeriesThailandIran Islamic country 1963no religious restriction for sex reassignment but rules about homosexualityoConstantly negotiated rules and regulationsGender and SexualityGenderall cultures and all societies in all histories in different ways
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