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Death Without Weeping

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Bianca Dahl

ANTA02 Structural violence medical anthropologyB DahlAgency the ability or freedom to act in a meaningful way or within the constraints of societyWhat constraints our agency StructureQ Why are poor people poor in the first place and why are they more likely to experience serious illnessHow do anthropologists understand medical inequalityFocus on both social and cultural aspectCulture of poverty permeates political concepts around the worldWas created by anthropologistsClaim Poor people have fewer resources but they also have their own value system that keeps them poorOscar Lewis 1959 Five Families Mexican Case Studies in the Culture of PovertyPoverty imposes burdenswhich leads to formation of special subcultures and socialize people into behaviours and attitudes that perpetuate the problemPoor people are poor because of the cultural values that theyve adapted the idea that theyre lazyoProblem The idea that there are no means to escape poverty economic constraints lack of opportunity for poor people and this also overgeneralizes that all poor people are lazyHerman Cain US politician on the Occupy movementoSlogan We are the 99oConservative republicans Herman Cains reply Way to distract people from the Obama administration and are the idea of anticapitalism depiction of poverty is dependent on oneself lack of sensitivity on opportunities If youre not succeeding then you need to blame yourselfInequality the product of choices policies and social structure egoDifferent gender rolesoRetrenched social structures such as lower salary for women
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