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Bianca Dahl

Body Ritual among the Nacirema Horace MinerstWeek 3 Jan 21 2014Kalpana KumarasalamWho are the Nacirema What point was Horace Miner trying to make in this essayNotes Different people tend to behave in similar situations and anthropologists are therefore not surprised by even the most exotic unusual customsMiner believes there is a tribe that is capable of all possible combinations of behaviour Nacirema is a clan organization that does magical beliefs and practicesdepicts them as extremists to which human behaviour can go Professor Linton brought the ritual of the Nacirema 20 years ago to the attention of anthropologists However the culture of the Nacirema is still poorly understoodNorth American group 12 Lives in the territory between Canadian Cree the Yaqui and Tarahumare of Mexico 3 and the Carib and Arawak of the AntillesUnknown origin but their tradition states that they are from the EastNacirema mythologyNation was originated by a culture heroNotgnihsawHe is known for two great feats of strength oThrowing a piece of wampum across the river PaToMacoChopping down of a cherry tree where the Spirit of Truth resided Nacirema cultureHighly developed market economyhas evolved in a rich natural habitat oMost of the peoples time is devoted to economic pursuits Large part of the day is spent in ritual activity oFocuses mainly on the human body appearance and health The ceremonial aspects and associated philosophy are unique Fundamental belief underlying the ritual activity is that the human body is ugly and is only meant to decay and be weakOnly hope for a man to avert this from happening is to use powerful influences of ritual and ceremonyShrines are devoted for this purposeMore powerful individuals have more than 1 shrine in their homes The more shrines and ritual possessions the more opulent wealthy Homes are made of wattle and daub construction oRichshrine rooms are built with stone
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