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Bianca Dahl

Watching The EnglishKate FoxPart One Conversation CodesTHE WEATHER When two Englishmen meet their first talk is of the weather Dr Johnson Most commentators either stop or try and fail to come up with a convincing explanation for the English obsession with the weather Their theory is often mistakenthey assume that conversations about the weather are really conversations about the weather They assume that we talk about the weather because we have a keen desirable interest in the subject What was so fascinating about the weather Bill BrysonoConcludes English weather is not fascinating and the obsession is bizarre oTo an outsider the most striking thing about the English weather is that there is not very much of itoNature doesnt have an edge of excitement unpredictability and danger in Britainie Tornadoes monsoons blizzards hailstorms etc Jeremy PaxmanoTakes offense at Bryans dismissive comments oArgues that English weather is fascinatingoInterest in weather is in the uncertainty of itmay not include tropical cyclones but life at the edge of an ocean or continent means you can never be entirely sure what youre going
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