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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Class 11 In Search of Respect Race Class and GenderThe Politics of Representation Last Classy Key arguments on page 143 y yes they are victims of structure y But no they dont accept of itunderground economy y By exercising on agency under their own constraints the choices that they make reinforce the structuredestroy friends family and community Gender and the Search for Respecty He did know women in these men lives how does mens search of respect affect women o It can be experienced directly or indirectly involved in the underground economyy How well the author is able to address womens live because of major focus on men o The search of respect is also search of viable form of masculinitykind of masculinity that works can live work and feel successfulo Argues some of the men what they are doing is reacting to their own inability that they grew up witho They guys are trying to replicate the bourbon of what to be a manretreating in the drug economy where they can be this kind of man Gender and the Search for Respect y Street culture and drug economy is latently massgainates and predatory on each other and women around them sex crimes vandalizement of own children is like events that are normalized and celebrated because of the kind of way in getting respecto Marginalized men want to be patriarchs but cannotoften lash out from the women in their lives and the children o Opposition of street culture rejection of social marinating and defensive of vulnerability pg 158 o Denying their own vulnerability edge of having not enough moneyo By lashing out its a denial of vulnerabilityby terrorizing women in their lives and children o Attack people who are more vulnerability then they arey Search of respect is the key organizing theme and some level what is drivingto make the choices that they make o Search of viable form of masculinity in order to deny their own vulnerabilityWomen and the Search for Respect y What about their children and women who are in the receiving end of vulnerability y If search of respect is for women how does this affect women o Gender is a relationship cannot have masculinity without femininity have meaning in relationship with one anothero Women are not passive victims because of the receiving end of vulnerability o 213 just like women rest of the world fighting for their autonomy and rights o Ex Candy few women got to know closely and spend significant amount of time o gender segregated society women and men dont spend time together hanging out unless its family and etco Candy is really interesting case because many way she is exceptional she is not a typical women she shoots her husband and becomes one of these drug dealers because her husband is at jail She takes this masculine role In many ways she experiences and reacts the historical cultural constrains like other typical women in her society
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