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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Class 10 Power and AgencyKey Termsy Race is culturally constructed based on arbitrary physical characteristics by these physical characteristics we can define other characteristics y Idea of race is plural more than one form of racismy Three key points on how anthropologists think about racecultural recent history embedded in institutions and everyday lifeRace and Racism y Racisms as being pluraly Take from sociologists of Nira and Floyay We need a way to talk about racism and racism thinking in all different contexts y Racisms in the plural can be defined by following definition y Idea of how racism looked like in the history is different from today doesnt mean there is no form or mode in the group thy Racism in the Southern US in 18 century is different from today but have certain things in common y Using this definition allows us to think about the similarities and differences of racism in different modesy Have a open definition allows us to think about it in different contexts y Important in Search of Respect when we think of racisms in plural term shaped by class gender hyper masculine respect Title namey In the struggle against racism that they experience and face in the New York city they make personal choices that ends up reinforcing their race They end up making bad choices that infeiroize them in the first place Agency versus Structurey Two key forces in social life in understanding the interplay Agency versus Structure y Each of us have a social identity always made up of more than one social position Has more than one part ex I am a daughter to someone and an employee to someone else etc These social positions dont always get along what your family wants to do and what your boss wants you to do All these different parts give us rights privileges and certain roles It gives us how we are excepted to acty We think of ourselves as individuals especially in the West where individualism it is really important and highly valuedy Even though we are constrained by society we think of it as our own individual actions Thats how we think about these situations y Society is us its an abstraction when we blame society we blame us because its filled with individualsy Problem is that each of us are unique and think of ourselves as unique and make individual choices at the same time when we take individual actions and compare these similar identities its theorize the same thing y Individual of free will verses others but we tend to do the same thing as othersy Suicide seems like the most individual choice you can possibly make y Urban people are more likely to commit suicide than people who live in countries y Protestants and Jews are more likely to commit suicide y People who are most alienated from their social groups are more likely to commit suicide y Feel alienated when you live in the city or if you are Protestants y More people who are associated with the society kill yourself for the good of other people in the group allustric
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