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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Maggie Cummings

Class 9 Race and Racism Last Classy Critique of anthropologists Primitive people y Some peoples practices are primitive and some are modern y And we can divide this to us versus them o This leads to cultural differencesKey Termslinks y Historical relationships between race and class social stratification y How race class racism history and stratification and connectedHow do Anthropologists think about race y There are three key things when talking about race like anthropologists o Race is relatively recent human invention5000 thousand years ago o Race is a cultural construct o Often we talk about racism as a bad thing we tend today to talk about in individual terms rather than thinking about race is already built in a social institution we are going to add on the focus racial thinking and differences between people Discussion What is Race y What is Race how is it determined defined and shapedo Social categorization based on physical attributes o Skin colour o Clothing different types of clothing where they are from o Where theyre fromidentity o Languagespeech ways of speaking o Religiony How does Race shape your everyday life o Friends o Treatmentperceivestereotypeso Explanation for certain behaviouro Segregationrace is use to separate people with who you self identify with o Race and social status and correlatedDo Races Exist y Race at some level is social categorization based on physical attributesy Social category that relies on biological explanation y Is race discrete and does it exist biologically o No but exist as social meaningful category and with real social consequences often it is negativelinked to status and how we perceive people but also there is some positivegive identity and gives you a community o Therefore some of the social aspects can be positivey Race doesnt really exist as discrete categories these groupings arent biologically different Race versus Ethnicity
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