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Lecture 12

Lecture 12

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Maggie Cummings

Class 12 The Final Class Anthropology is good to think withHow do Anthropologists add valuey Key in getting a job is add valueo Key in adding value solve different problems do some in unique perspective o Solve problems in business government sector public and etcy Three sorts of problem o Behaviour finding out peoples behaviour what they do ex what they eat what kind of grooming etc Doing ethnography on what people are doing and solve problems by how do improve their behaviour eat and etc Uniquely trained to do that and figuring things out from the native point of viewo Concepts ex Of taking insulin shots for diabetes people Why people stopped They stopped because kids were forced when little and didnt want to do it when they are teenagers because didnt want to listen to parents Anthropologists thought they have to teach them the rite of passage to solve the problem and etco Culture What are they thinking why they do it Ex Cellphones Czech republicdidnt have cell phones only had landlines and then those landlines were used by whole community and those landlines werent private cause government can listen and at first cell phone it wasnt selling much cause of its advertisement but after the bad advertisement improved they showed it can be private and it became thpopular chocolatesAero it was the 10 popular chocolate because of the advertisement of women working and eating chocolates secretly from men This advertisement made Aero one of the favourite stchocolates 1 place Anthropological thinking can be used to get results What else can you do as an anthropologist y anything that involves problemsolving observing whatpeople do and why they do it y thinking about problems in new or unique ways y applied anthropology in government health care business NGOs etcy We add value because we see it in a unique waySome Examplesy Clinical Research clinical research they are doing have social benefits for sick children y Research director at a big business firm y Citizenship and immigration figuring out hate crime y Community social planning in Toronto y Filmmaker ethnographic film maker y Sam Dunn filmmaker on heavy went around asked people why they like heavy metal and made many moviesKatrina and its Doubles y She is trying to figure out what we can say about US inequality and poverty by looking at hurricane Katrina y She looks at the kinds of explanation why it wont so disasterly wrong after Katrina why followed with social implications etcy It wasnt about structural inequality but about why these people left that placey There is a basic social needy The blame was on the victimsslow stubborn to leave seen as dangerous people not worthy of leaving Blame was on those people who were affected It wasnt laid on federal or the blockage people or the cops Blame was squarely on the victims itself
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