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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Victor Barac

Lecture 7MarriageFamily1 Kinship symbolstermsLineal is ancestors and descendants These are the people who had part in your procreation many generations ago Collateral is a side branch such as cousins uncles and aunts2 Domestic life Smallest basic units of society and can be through family and household or a combination of bothFamily is hard to define when considering all culturesIn Canada family is defined as anyone that is married or commonlaw people with or without children or loneparent with childrenIn Brazil a family includes ones parents siblings aunts uncles and grandparents not the spouse Children become part of a family later onHousehold is defined spatially as how many people live in a house These people arent necessarily a family They can be adopted or given a kinship status such as a slave who is adopted after many years to be part of the kinship A household is a locus of consumption child rearing and shelter 3 Family Expensive database in the olden days used to access crossculture Study whatever practice Example how many people wear earrings how many people are circumcised at birth etcProtects childbearing females Provides a network and consanguinal kin that assists in the birthing and socialization of children Nuclear familyo Natal family where you are born and raised o Conjugal family is the family where you procreate Extended family merging of what can be seen as two or more nuclear families Dominant domestic form in the preindustrial world Multigenerations Common and ideal form of family in the world Provide flexible workforce because there are numerous ablebodied people who are involved and can provide for a lot of their own food building material They put money together and it is shared Tendency to favor ones own offspringspouse If a husband is devoted
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