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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Victor Barac

Lecture 8Religion y Religare is where the term religion comes from and it means to binding people together 1 James FrazerThe Golden Bough Ancient myths bestseller Had a huge impact in literary studies at a time anthropologists rejected his theoriesThey rejected his theories because he was a culturalevolutionist and believed cultures evolved through distinct stages of developmentEra of religion we are dominated by ideas having to do with God and the will of the Gods Life had more to do with interpreting Gods sayingSaid the most recent phase of evolution was characterized by science which would be the dominant formMalinowski after reading The Golden Bough he became hooked onto anthropology 2 Animism When you look at religion from crosscultural perspective there is one or more of these sprit beingsYou can have personal relationship with sprit beings because you have individuality to them ancestors 3 Animatism Impersonal so things like luck The force like in Star Warsmay the force be with you its a power not personal thingKANT o Noumental just as real as phenomenal except they are not perceivable by the senses Ex God freedom justiceo Phenomenal you know through sensesLook at political aspects of religion Ex Instrument of ruling class way of keeping womenpoor down not studied on its own termEva Keller To understand belief system you have to be anthropological and get information from the people that practice itDevaluation of religion in wealthy western countries At the same time in the poor eastern world countries they are embracing religion Mary Douglas was a nun that left that to become an anthropologist 4 MythRitual Religion would be supplanted by science But they coexist side by sideBooks narrative and rituals are both interdependentMyth has a specific meaning It is the grand narratives of a culture The stories the culture tells
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