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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Victor Barac

Modernity and Cultural Changey Modernity is post agriculture y Industry machinery start becoming dominant Technology is evolving and dominating Its changing the nature of work used to be manual man made now technology with machines doing most work y Huge split in type of work people do Intellectual labour is the basis of the machiney Technology cant run without source of energy Energy needed to operate technology Extract it from the earth ndy 2 feature of modernity is rise of urban civilization Not the rise of cities they have been there for thousands of years 8090 people live in towns and cities than countryside y Population is much bigger now y Classical Greek was as big as Oshawa at its peak y Mass society Feeding themrdy 3 main feature is rise of bureaucracies People have to study educate these people With large populations you have to minister things Office workers a lot of paperwork Office workers work in corporate or government state They run everything not manual labourersy Bureaucracies become political entities 1 Cultural persistence 1 Were addicted to our culture 2 Ethnocentrism feels nature The way you are feels the right way It is the norm Humans arent flexiblecant take on new cultures when their older When younger it is easier 3 You can see this by tribes Ex the Yanamamos We call them a tribe but they have their names4 Most people are committed Have to understand this They dont want to change their culture 5 Impediment culture seen as a break or impeding It becomes crystalized Takes on qualities of something that cant be changed without being completely broken 6 People prefer routine and like it They become accustomed to it and become familiar with it Getting people to change
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