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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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Victor Barac

THE ROAD TO CLARITY 11302011 121500 PM The Road To Clarity Things to know about an ethnography y When was the book published title of book author where was the fieldwork done townvillage how long did it take basic outline of society that is being studied y Ethnographies are normally local but also reside at the national and international contexty Maroansetra is in Madagascar y What is the economic base How do they make a living Once you understand that you understand a lot Are they hunters farmers land owner All this is very important y What does the author want to addressy Eva Keller is studying seventh day Adventist which is a Christian protestant sect that has been growing rapidly among indigenous people among various parts of the world She is dealing with the spread of a certain type of religion What is her intenttheoretical intent She is not a functionalist religion being involved in maintenance and propagation of society Her concern is why people that join stick with it What keeps people wanting to read the bible and stay with this new religious convictiony Things she focuses ono Knowledge They want to learn Has to do with subjective experience how people feel from the inside Science deals with observable phenomena behavior and explaining the pattern of observable events Subjectivity isnt observable Dialogue is important getting narratives stories interpreting narratives and texts is the realm of phenomenology She believes subjectivity has to do with why people stick to the religion o German Vertchen understanding someones subjectivity It is the highest level you can attain Science Erklaren explanation how you account for observable factors and explain that behavior o She uses aesthetics has to do with the fields of the arts what people find attractive what stimulatesengages peoples intellect and emotions It is very powerful how you look
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