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Maggie Cummings

The Muslim WomenOnline Reading 1Western society thinks veil stands for oppression western women speak on behalf of MuslimsAfter 911 western society put into light the veil of the Muslim women making it seem as if she were oppressed and used this as a reason to interveneBurqua or Chanel Suitsburqua bring to mind 3 problems dividing western society us and Muslim women them harder for us to appreciate the lives of Muslim women and lastly makes us hard to appreciate the veil Burqua invented by the Pashtun women depicts modesty and respect Portable seclusionBurqua is like a portable seclusion portable home for the women to feel safe wherever they go Religious beliefs and community standards enforce wearing the burquaSaba Mahmood said some Muslim women went back to wear traditional clothing other than the western look in the 1930s to feel more religious close to god and safe not being harassed by menWe need to respect their social and historical context and understand their freedomWe should focus on other feminist issues than focusing on their clothingBeware Pity Looking at images of Muslim women it triggered pity and felt they need some sort of rescuing by us or by our governmentsFree choice and tradition women got to choose guy but through arranged marriage women preserved their honor by not showing interest in men before and after marriage in the publicpractice of polygyny in Islam and under the Quran and Bedouin ideals is says every wife has the right to equality Susan M Okin suggested women in minority patriarchal cultures should eliminate culture therefore women are in a less sexist surrounding culture or alter itself so women were freerWe should take action in terms of respect and think in terms of solidarity rather than pity Egg and the SpermOnline Reading 2Stereotypes of men and women are based on cultural definitions on male and female not biological findings Egg and sperm A scientific fairy tale Medieval times Women menstruation seen as a waste production of something valuable of an egg but males make a lot of sperm a dayMen create sperm over their lifetime therefore seen as dominant while women are inferior because production is finished at birth already contain about 1million follicles creating 400 eggs over a lifetimeEgg seen as sitting there moving slowly down fallopian tube while sperm seen as active powerful going on a journey which the strongest survive and the weakest are exhausted or die Egg depends on the sperm to stay alive
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